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Mary Ann


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Private Music Lessons

A music teacher who wanted a larger classroom!

The Musician

Mary Ann Life offers a music curriculum and enriching instrumental activities to students in order to promote growth, creativity, social skills, communication skills, self-concepts, and life-affirming values, such as self-discipline, self-esteem, respect, and responsibility.

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"I'm playing the piano like never before!" 

- Andrés, guitar

Before I had lessons with instructors who were not patient, and then Mary Ann came along and changed all of that! She's incredibly kind and patient, and repetition was actually enjoyable!

"I'm more confident than ever before!"

- Ashley, voice

My parents said I had a good voice, but I didn't believe them. Ms. Mary Ann believed in me so much, and helped me to believe in myself. Singing in front of others was so scary. Now I do it with a confidence I never had before. She's the best! 

"Dreams can really come true!"

-Simon, piano

I aways wanted to learn how to play the piano really well. I struggled at first, but Ms. Mary Ann was incredibly patient and kept motivating me not to give up. After playing for a few years now with her, I can play Mozart and Beethoven! She made my dreams come true!

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” 


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Done from your home, we will work extensively in grasping new musical skills, while also maintaining a creative and fun learning environment. Once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in Harris County, we can move to face-to-face lessons.

Virtual Private Lessons

Pricing & Purchasing


During the course of the lessons, I encourage students to choose enjoyable and desired repertoire!

Students needing extra lessons for UIL auditions will receive advance lessons and training. 

UIL assistance for vocal Auditions

Having access to a piano or guitar is vital in flourishing as a musician!


Creativily challenging 

Practice Makes perfect

Music makes everything better!


This is worth 
getting excited

It's never too late to have music be an intricate part of your life! 



For anyone wanting to make music



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What's included in the Virtual Lesson

Virtual Lessons

01. 45 minutes of musical instructions.

02. Virtual lessons take place over Zoom.

03. Professional instruction with supplemental practice.

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