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I'm MAry Ann Addis

A Texas native born with strong Colombian and Lebanese roots trying to savor life to the fullest!  

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You can take the girl Out of texas,
but Not the Texas out of the Girl! 

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I've said this to my students, and I say it to you that we have much to learn from each other. Life becomes more interesting and engaging when the conversations and ideas are shared. Mary Ann Life Blog miraculously turned into a vessel and outlet for us to connect, even those who don't reside in the great state of Texas (yes, everything is bigger in Texas!). 

Never stop learning, creating, sharing, and connecting


Truth be told, I always begin the day with a glass of water, a cup of coffee, and a journal. Recently I spent almost an hour looking for an ugly Christmas sweater to wear to school in order to be "that" teacher who dresses appropriately for the season. To my surprise, I found 24 journals tucked away, nicely I might add, in a box near the paint cans. Out of curiosity, I opened one up and dove right in. The particular journal I randomly dug from its resting place was dated to my early 20s. Whether I want to convey my actual age or not on here, I was definitely a much younger and unworldly individual.

Needless to say, I abandoned the mission to find the ugly Christmas sweater (RIP, oh knitted one), poured myself a glass of wine, and read all 24 journals. Some of the things written were absolute rubbish. Who writes nearly 70 pages on a crush who ended up joining the seminary! (Update, he's a great priest now!) I have the liberty to highly criticize these journals for I am the rightful owner, and can say any insult to my demise.

I'm THE BOSS LADY AROUND HERE with her cup of coffee.

Join me for some brew!

Now I'm sure you're wondering if I read the books in order- OF COURSE I DID!  How else would you read your own journals. These journals began in high school, and it was a bit nostalgic visiting the younger me. More importantly though, I ended up reading, remembering, and discovering that I have grown. Life experiences, big and small, have molded me to the woman who is currently writing this blog now. The only difference is that those 24 journals will remain in their resting place in the garage, and this time I take you along with me on this journey of life!

Creating and designing is a hobby that keeps calling my name!


a few of the hats I wear

Mary Ann

Sometimes I go by mary by family members!


It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion comes together!



My favorite thing to do at home is to cook!


I always saying yes to new adventures!


I cannot fly so I play the piano and sing instead!






Seinfeld, the office, & PArks&rec

01. favorite tv shows

extra limes & mint

A. Scotch, neat
b. Old Fashion
c. Mojito
d. Gin & Tonic

Let's get REal & Personal

with Mary Ann

02. Guilt Pleasure

pasta carbonara

03. My last meal on earth

04. My signature drink

Kate Middelton & michelle obama



A. Jeans & tee
b. Yoga Pants & a tank
c. Dress with flats 
d. Anything from Boden

06. My go-to outfit of choice:

07. The way I take my coffee

double espresso latte

A. Phantom of the Opera
b. Westside Story
c. Hamilton
d. Chicago

08. Favorite Broadway Show

He had it comin'

09. Favorite Podcast

momma's laughter and kindness

10. What personality traits do you share with your relatives

fresh flowers in the house

O being

and Grandma's sense of style

and sense of humor!


let's make something very beautiful


"Mary Ann’s Life is so inspiring! I love how she is sharing her life experiences and amazing recipes! The monthly drawings are great too! I was lucky enough to win some of the monthly goodies she gave away through her Instagram account! My favorite takeaway was the Food Swings Cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld!"

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