Enjoy some of my go-to biz resources (and favorite things!) to help you in your journey. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you love something as much as I do... but I only recommend what I actually like myself! (Use as many or as few sections as you want!)

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Mary Ann


Want a dreamy website? The beautifully crafted WOW sites are breathtaking, and they're all waiting for you at the bar. Not only are they beautiful, but super easy to design an impressive website. Use the code MARYANNSENTME to get 15% off any of the fabulous templates.

If coding isn't your thang, how can you possess the freedom to design your dream website? Showit was the answer to my prayers. I'm visual, and being able to move things around to my appeal was key in creating a kick ass website. You're on your way

It's in the details, and this newsletter platform will give you the tools to make beautiful and unique emails to your subscribers. I love it, and can't imagine using anything else. Start brighten up their inbox by getting 50% off. You're only a click away! 

Scheduling on several social media platforms can be time consuming, and no one had time for that! Post your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter with ease. Get $15 off by clicking below!

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TOOLS of the Trade 

Highly Recommended

From presets to photo manipulations to mastering my vlogs, Adobe does the heavy lifting. I can't imagine running a successful business without Adobe. Try the free trial. My favorites so happens to be Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere, and the Cloud storage... big storage, happy life!

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An all inclusive and organized way to keep your business thriving. Along with domain-based email, access all of its benefits by getting 10% off your first year with either plans using the following promo codes:

Workspace Business Starting Plan:  X6RPDKKCLMG4R7W
Workspace Business Standard Plan: EARX64QQAP7FGWE

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Social Squares

Photos I can't shoot, I get from Shay! And get monthly bonuses too!

Personal Faves

From everyday essentials used for my business and in my personal life, I'm dedicated to these faves. Whether you're exploring some new styles or want a little of je ne sais quoi, I've got ya covered from head to toe, and everything in between!

The Contract Shop

Sleep well knowing your business is protected!


It pays to share as an affiliate. Start with Rakuten for all the best spots!

Web Hosting

Feel secured with Bluehost hosting your site. Start today at $3.95/month!

Coffee Afficionados

For all my coffee peeps, subscribe, and get your first bag for FREE on me! 

Women Style

I'm an Anthro girl through and through! Their sales are sick!

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Replica Surface's durability and style, makes the best photos! Get 15% off!

Graphic Designs

Endless graphic design possibilities with Canva! A MUST!


Take your podcast audio to the next level with Wavve!

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Manis and pedis done at home never looked so good. Get 20% off your first kit!


Want healthy hair that smells great? Verb got ya! Get $7 off your purchase!

Beautiful Skin

True Botanicals is the skin care that cares!

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Only a select few gets the privilege be on this list!

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I simply cannot go a day without rubbing True Botanicals serums over my face. Going bare face has never been so freeing of worry visible skin spots and wrinkles. Using True Botanicals has made me fall in love again with my skin. Talk about being comfortable in your skin! 

Skin Care

Getting dolled up with Bobbi Brown and other natural makeup is not just enjoyable, but you'll also look dashing!

Natural curly hair has always been a pain to maintain. Little did I know similar to plants, our hair needs rich nutrients to grow well and shine. Living Proof does just that!

Hair Care

I have never been a spa guru, and I certainly didn't know how to properly wear makeup until after college. Au naturel, baby! Little of my attention was set on using natural beauty products until I started taking notice what I was putting in my body. That led to wanting to focus what goes on my skin as well. These products have not only create results, but I feel great knowing that I'm putting only the good stuff on this skin! Try any of these products and see for yourself! 


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Stylin' and Profilin'

Dress in style and save money!

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Spring Styles

The Faves!

Always lit to make the home feel homey!

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Caring is sharing!

Top Spring Favorites that you'll love

Whether health supplements, coffee beans, or organic subscriptions, this busy woman swears by these essentials. Use the coupons to get discounts! 

'Tis the Season

Fall in love!

What's on my bookshelf this Spring

Whether it's for leisure or learning, there's nothing like reading during the cool spring season with a glass of Rosé! Cheers! 

The Bookshelf

Shall we browse...