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Have you hopped onto the wardrobe capsule bandwagon yet? This notion not only saves you money, but it will completely transform your personal style for any occasion.

Fall weather borders the warmer weather from summer and cooler climates. Therefore, layering is key! It’s incredible how nudes, blues, whites, and blacks can instantly expand your wardrobe. Winter and summer items can also be utilized as layering is key, and often, necessary.


Fall Wardrobe Capsule Fashion Women | Mary Ann Life Blog


Not all of us have the luxury of constantly rebuilding our closets, especially at the junction of a season change. A wardrobe capsule doesn’t involve filling your drawers with the hottest trends that come and go quickly. Rather our closets hold timeless, selective, and durable pieces that are versatile and interchangeable, adapting to the seasons.

Before you freak out thinking you need to donate all of your clothes or re-wear the same outfits, hear me out first! By having, for example, 24 pieces (not including earrings) in your wardrobe capsule, these staple styles will create at least 40 to 50 outfits (probably more!). All it takes is a bit of creative mixing of a few essentials to give that fresh yet warm look!


01. Pick Color Themes. The key to an exceptional wardrobe capsule is selecting items that will work well together in a variety of ways, so choosing color and pattern themes will help assemble complementary outfits. Personally, I go for whites, beiges, navies, browns, and blacks because it screams winter. Plus throwing in a black kinda spices things up and goes with anything and everything.

02. Consider the Weather. Depending on where you live, the weather can often put a damper while styling. It’s the balance of cool, style, and comfort. If it’s a warmer climate, then layering is essential. Always prepare for rain, wind, and lots of walking.

03. Accessorize! Jewelry, headbands, scarves, belts, sunglasses, and hats are my absolute favorite tricks to jazz up any outfit. It’s amazing what dangling earrings and headbands can do to your outfit! Don’t worry, I have many more fall favorite accessories.

In summation, a fall wardrobe capsule is at your fingertip. Below is a stylish fall wardrobe, mixed with light and fresh colors that I absolutely love. For us visual learners, the items are arranged as possible outfits. Let’s hit it!



Please note: This post contains affiliate links to products I use, trust, and recommend. If you choose to purchase a helpful product using these links, I may receive a small commission for referring you– I was going to recommend them anyway, so I may as well get paid for it! 



  1. Knitted Perkins Neck Dress
  2. Sueded-Heeled Knee-High Boots
  3. Rounded Shaky Drop Earrings
  4. Vintage Straight High Black Jeans
  5. Oversized Sweater
  6. Blue V-Neck Top
  7. Button-up Cotton Poplin Shirt in Signature Fit
  8. Veja Campo Leather Sneakers
  9. Bow Loafers
  10. Jersey Joggers
  11. The Wanderlust Paris Baseball Cap
  12. Gola Grand Slam Trident Sneakers
  13. Flutter Midi Dress
  14. Sueded-Heeled Knee-high Boots Black
  15. Metal Drop Earrings
  16. Sun Glasses
  17. Essential Straight Jeans in All-day Stretch
  18. Houndstooth Print Straight Trousers
  19. Faux-leather Pleated Skirt
  20. Super Push-up Lace Bodysuit
  21. V-neck Cardigan Sweater in Extra-soft Yarn
  22. Cotton-wool Teddie Sweater
  23. Original Schoolboy Blazer
  24. Zoe sueded d’Orsay Flats











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