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Have you hopped onto the wardrobe capsule bandwagon yet? This notion suddenly knocked on my door after recent trips abroad. Living out of a vacation wardrobe capsule suitcase was crazy good, and I never looked and felt so good while traveling. My outfits were versatile and stylish without cluttering my suitcase, leaving more room to bring back Spanish wine. Convinced yet? A wardrobe capsule is just simply picking out a few key clothing pieces that are versatile to mix, match, and wear again in comfort and style. Did I mention it’s cost-effective?

Summer provides a small window for relaxation and memorable vacations. Whether it’s roaming the streets of Paris or New York, comfort in style is essential. TAKE A GLIMPSE OF MY FAVORITE SUMMER STYLES.

There have been times when I packed for an upcoming trip without spending more time reflecting on the outfits. After learning the errors of my ways, I forever pack with outfits in mind, and when the suitcase is inching towards 50 pounds, it’s quite easy to discard the unnecessary items.

Does style trumps comfort? They can certainly work hand in hand for your benefit entirely. On my recent trip to Colombia, and before I continue with the story, I first must note that Colombians like to look nice and presentable. With that being said, all of my clothes were utilized and were definitely not a waste of suitcase space. Nothing is more aggravating than opening your suitcase in a new destination only to be disappointed in your capsule for the next few days especially when capturing the moments with a camera.


Wardobe capsule for summer travels


Not all of us have the luxury of constantly rebuilding our closets, which prompts the creative juices to mix and match for the killer, stylish outfits. A wardrobe capsule doesn’t involve filling your drawers with the hottest trends that come and go quickly. Rather our closets hold timeless, selective, and durable pieces that are versatile and interchangeable, adapting to the seasons.

Before you freak out thinking you need to donate all of your clothes or re-wear the same outfits, hear me out first! By having, for example, 24 pieces (not including sunglasses) in your wardrobe capsule, these staple styles will create at least 40 to 50 outfits (probably more!). All it takes is mixing a few essentials to give that fresh look:

The benefits of having a wardrobe capsule
  • Minimize and declutter closet (or suitcase!)
  • Save money in the long run by not throwing out clothes constantly to stay up with the everchanging trends
  • Make it easy to style outfits (versatile pieces make it easier to pair everything together!)
  • Reduce the time spent on focusing on shopping, allowing more time to be spent on other things.



I’m glad you asked! Do you know those people who fill their suitcase to the brim with clothes and an obscene amount of shoes, especially uncomfortable ones? Welp, that was totally me! Traveling became more adventurously fun once I got a hold on packing the right way.

A vacation capsule wardrobe is just that–  it’s picking and packing just a few mix-and-matchable clothing items that you can re-wear in different and fresh ways throughout your trip while maintaining style and comfort. I cannot emphasize the stress relief and benefits of packing with a vacation wardrobe capsule. The versatility will make every ‘gram-worthy photo and video a hit.



01. Pick Color Themes. The key to an exceptional wardrobe capsule is selecting items that will work well together in a variety of ways, so choosing color and pattern themes will help assemble complementary outfits. Personally, I go for whites, beiges, and blues because it screams vacation. Plus throwing in a black kinda spices things up and goes with anything and everything.

02. Consider the Destination. Depending on the season, weather can often put a damper while traveling. It’s the balance of preparation and comfort. For instance, if traveling in a warm-climate area, cooler colors and lighter materials will bring comfort. If it’s a cooler climate, then layering is essential. Always prepare for rain and lots of walking. We’re not all Carrie Bradshaws who can walk the streets of New York in silhouettes.

03. The Duration of the Trip. Weekend trips, no problem. A 2-week trip, well that’s a challenge. Packing for a long trip is no different than a shorter trip. Keeping the wardrobe capsule in mind, you can easily pack without over-packing. The summer capsule below is a perfect visual of what to pack for a week or 2-week trip. A note on personals:  I think this goes without saying, pack enough underwear for the number of days you’re gone. Unless you plan to do laundry, these are not the best to re-wear!

04. Accessorize! Jewelry, headbands, scarves, belts, sunglasses, and hats are my absolute favorite tricks to jazz up any outfit. It’s amazing what dangling earing and headbands can do to your outfit! Don’t worry, I have much more summer favorite accessories.


So that’s a vacation wardrobe capsule in a nutshell. Below is a stylish comfort travel capsule, mixed with light and summery colors that I absolutely love. For us visual learners, the items are arranged as possible outfits just to give a glimpse of a versatile travel wardrobe capsule. Now away we go, hun!



Please note: This post contains affiliate links to products I use, trust, and recommend. If you choose to purchase a helpful product using these links, I may receive a small commission for referring you– I was going to recommend them anyway, so I may as well get paid for it! 


  1. Scoopneck tank bodysuit (white)
  2. Chambray short with scalloped hem
  3. Birkenstock Women’s Arizona Sandal
  4. Rosette Knotted Headband
  5. Scoopneck tank bodysuit (black)
  6. A-line Satin Dress
  7. Straw Hat
  8. Flat Geometric Brass and in Worn Gold Post Top Earrings
  9. Soludos Maya Sandal
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Women’s Anouk Backpack
  12. Lyocell-blend Jumpsuit
  13. Tie-belt Kaftan
  14. Swimsuit
  15. Sprayed Half Circle with Embossed Vegan Leather U Shape Drop Earrings
  16. Aerie Terry Bow Slides
  17. AE Stretch Mom Jeans
  18. V-neck Blouse
  19. The Cotton Voop Tee
  20. Boho Puff Sleeve Off The Shoulder Plaid Ruffle Midi Long Dress
  21. 3-pack Necklaces
  22. Knot-detail Waist Belt
  23. Top Knot Headband
  24. Fast and Free High-Rise Tight 28″
  25. Energy Bra High Support
  26. Love Tank Top
  27. Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 9 Sneaker
  28. Ankle Athletic Running Socks
  29. Veja Esplar Low-Top Sneakers
  30. Rib-knit Cardigan







Here are just a few more of my absolute Faves!

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