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The juicing fab, including juice cleansing and detoxing, is alive and well. Even in the grocery aisles, kids can select veggie juices rather than the high fructose juice boxes.  There are juice stands, stores, and companies literally all over. Basically, juicing is as accessible as stopping at Starbucks. The health benefits are numerous, the flavors are clean and satisfying, and overall, you feel better for consuming something entirely healthy. The ingredients are simple and inexpensive. So why does it cost between $4-$5 to buy a juice, or over $100 for a 3 day juice cleanse? Let’s be honest, it’s much easier buying the bottles than to create your own. I’m here to tell you that you can totally make your own juices for the fraction of the cost, and you’ll enjoy controlling what goes into your juices.

Grocery stores are now selling huge bags of celery, carrots, and kale (Trader Joe’s is my favorite) for all your juicing needs. As for equipments, I started with a Ninja blender and mesh-strainer, and later invested in a Hurom Person Juicer. (sign up on their mailing list and receive a discount: Hurom) I’ve also included bottles from Amazon that I used for an upcoming busy week that I anticipated lots of to-go drinking.

Below I have shared some of my favorite juices that are full of flavor. The common theme is lemon, mint and ginger. After exploring various juice recipes, there’s a distinct ratio in order to have a create balance of sweet and tart. Lemon, mint and ginger are quite strong, and when combined with a dull veggie like kale or celery, the transformation of the juice is spot on. And the great part is that lemons, ginger, and mint are antioxidants. If you’re feeling a cold approaching, these are the ingredients to make a hot tea. (and honey!)


  1. Megan Wetterauer says:

    Now I want to juice again! How long does it stay good in the bottles? Love this!

    • maaddis says:

      I’m go glad you love this! I say it’s best to consume within 3 days. I just made myself a pitcher! Share any of your favorite juice recipes!

  2. Clifton Caskey says:

    You had me at juice!

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