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Natural-foods retailers such as Whole Foods and Sprouts, as well as sections of major groceries stores such as HEB and Krogers, have amazing selections of spices, nuts and other ingredients in bulk quantities. Just measure what you need, label it and take it to the checkout counter. You are guaranteed to get the freshest ingredients at the fraction of the cost. The markets will supply small and large bags for your selected ingredients. All that is needed are the containers!



Shelf Life of Spices


Most pantry shelve items, once open, can be kept at room temperature in their original packaging in the pantry. Exceptions include baking goods in bags, such as flour, sugar, and cornmeal, which should be transferred to airtight containers as soon as you bring them home. Include dry items, such as grains, rice, granola, cocoa, chia seeds, and nuts in airtight containers. Creating and organizing a pantry is essential, stress relieving, clean, affordable, and pretty to see.



My grandmother’s pantry was in the basement, and every container was unique in shape and size. Every tomato sauce jar and jelly jar was never discarded. She had clear labels on them, and when running low, she place the jar in the kitchen as a reminder to fill it up. I’ve adapted this routine to stay on top of replenishing pantry items.



I have adopted this technique in my own pantry, and I have no problem leaving the pantry door wide open for others to check out. All it takes are few glass containers, label, marker, and you’re on your way to organizing a pantry that will make cooking and prepping more efficient. For instance, when baking, I LOVE how I know where everything is located in the pantry. I pull what I need out, and if I’m running low, I leave them on the counter to remind me to hit the bulk area at the grocery store. For all those Costco and Sam Warehouse peeps, you will prefer this method of organizing. Plus, yes there are so many pluses to this, jars and airtight containers will keep the bugs out.  Check out The Life Store for more of my favorite tools and items to organize the pantry!


Once I organized my pantries, I noticed that I was saving money on refilling. Take advantage of buying in the bulk section in the grocery store verses the packaged items in the aisles. Let’s be real, you’re paying more for packaging and advertising.


Here’s my pantry at home. Would LOVE to see your organized pantry!

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