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Traveling light is not an easy mission to accomplish. An empty suitcase is typically the last thing on your mind when booking a trip. The excitement lies in what you will experience, visit, see, taste, and an overall vacation away from your life. As soon as the bookings are made, it’s time to buy cute and fun outfits, perhaps gather some toiletries from Target, and download movies on the iPad. All of this is done before putting a single item in the suitcase. Why do we wait until the last minute to pack for a trip? We want to take the comforts of our home with us, and that, unfortunately, does not fit in a suitcase!

My British friends say that it is”British” to pack everything under the sun for trips. I guess paying extra baggage fees is not a problem for them. However, on my music teacher salary, I simply cannot wrap my head around paying higher price tickets in order to carry more unnecessary items. Often I don’t wear or use all of the packed items, going up and downstairs is a pain, and bringing souvenirs home is nearly impossible. 

After several trips, trials and errors, and the judgment of friends and family, I have not mastered the art of packing for a trip. Rather, I have started to enjoy it, and use it as a prelude to a great upcoming trip.

Packing Videos

Below are some fantastic videos to help packing with ease, as well as packing list templates and recommended bags. I highly recommend lighting a candle, pouring yourself a glass of wine, and playing your favorite playlist while packing away for a memorable trip!

Packing Lists

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  1. Hemamayi says:

    hello Mary Ann!
    I am Hema, from india! i love your blog. Ana Rosa sent me the link to your blog, since she is my mentor and i enjoy reading. i think you are doing a great job! keep your writing style. looking forward for more.
    I hope you will look up my blog too. i gave my website name above. I write about business and other interests i have.

    • maaddis says:

      Thank you, Hema! Love hearing your thoughts on the blog. Speaking of blog, love your empowering women in the workplace blog! Keep up the great work!

  2. Aileen Schwab says:

    The emergency plan is genius. I will always take a picture before international travel of my passport now omg??

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