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You Versus You: If We Don’t Prioritize Ourselves, Who Will?

You Versus You: If We Don’t Prioritize Ourselves, Who Is? Healthy Mindset | Really Personal Podcast

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You can wake up early, drink your water, take your vitamins, go to the gym, and eat healthily, but until you figure out what’s in your head and heart, you’re not healthy.


We’re squashing the “New Year, New You” trend by starting with a Healthy Mindset. Your number one competition is always yourself- you versus you. No coach, no trainer, or no mentor can do it, only you versus you. It’s on you- only you are in charge of your happiness.

Creating new healthy goals for 2023 needs to begin with the way you speak to yourself. If you notice yourself sharing limiting statements, add the YET to the end to remind yourself that you are capable of learning and improving:

  • “I can’t manage all of my affairs this week… YET!”
  • “I can’t get this to work… YET!”
  • “I’m unable to lose weight… YET!”

I think you get the picture! Our choice of words on how we talk to ourselves and others influences how we view ourselves and our capabilities.

Self-Talk Matters, and it starts with reframing your inner monologue:

  • Avoid using absolutes like “never” or “always”
  • Change language intensity
  • Change from “why” to “what”
  • Refrain from “what if’s”

These techniques can have a powerful impact on your ability to self-regulate. In this episode of the Really Personal Podcast, we discuss how to consciously unblock the thoughts, excuses, and inner voice that prevents the room to change. 

Reframing and alternating your inner monologue can lead to success. It can empower you to accomplish goals. You are your biggest advocate, and altering phrases can and will impact your attitudes toward positivity,

If we don’t prioritize ourselves, then who is? Life Journals and Prompts and Self-Care Planners are the perfect way to jump-start your writing meditation practices and approach each day with intentions and gratitude. The planners include space to plan and record meals, habits, sleep, mood, water intake, exercise, and much more. With beautiful covers and pages waiting to be filled, Life Journals and Planners are a perfect tool for self-care and reflection.


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Healthy Habits for 2023 and Beyond

#1: Put a glass of water next to your bed, not a water bottle.

Usually, we create the habit of reaching over and snoozing our alarm- now that’s a habit! We’re not lazy, we’re not unmotivated. We created a habit of literally waking up, reaching over, turning off our alarm, and going back to bed.
You’re sitting up and drinking water, which is also waking you up, and giving you the motivation to fully get up. Also, there are clinical health benefits to drinking water first thing in the morning.


#2: Having a nighttime routine really matters

Often people blame the mornings for everything by saying they woke up on the wrong side of the bed, woke up cranky, it’s too difficult to get up early, or the alarm doesn’t get them up. In fact, our nighttime routine is impacting us in the morning, For example, we need to change things like staying up late, scrolling late at night, getting into bed late, and not having lunch prep or even breakfast ready in the morning. Start a nighttime routine earlier. There are many things we can do in our nighttime routine that will help us wake up earlier successfully.


#3: Make small adjustments to reach your ultimate wake-up time

Don’t go 0 to 100, by saying although I typically get up at 7:30am, I’ll get up at 5am starting tomorrow. Start waking up 15 to 30 minutes earlier, adjust, and then alter the times again. That way your body can adjust, and you’re not overwhelming yourself, or adding unnecessary pressures and stresses that make you crash and burn quickly. Give yourself little goals that you can achieve, feel great about, and manage successfully. You can do it- just give your body some time to adjust to this new change


#4: For all those snoozers out there, here are some tips!

Put your phone other than next to your bed where you’re required to get up and turn it off. If it’s too cold to get out of bed, have a sweatshirt next to your bed to put on, and be warm, before completely getting out of bed.

#5: Rise and Shine with a positive attitude!

Create something you look forward to in the early morning that motivates you to start your day early. It could be lighting a candle, having coffee, feeding your pet, going for a walk, or working out. If you’re working out, lay out your clothes the night before. Set yourself up for success: if you have your clothes laid out and you thought through your workout plan when you wake up you’re not going to have any questions or no sense of direction. Make it as easy as possible so you know exactly what you’re going to do. Turning on your lights, or one light at a time, or even opening your curtains can easily put pepper in your step.

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