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The Courage to Stand Against Injustice

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Black Female Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Note: There are absolutely NO affiliate links in this post. Financially capitalizing on the Black Lives Matter movement is completely contradictory to the pursuit of justice which is the goal of  Black Lives Matter and this blog.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has allotted me more time to read and re-read books from years past. Recently with the death of George Floyd (who to my father’s horror, was one of his students in his senior English class at Jack Yates High School in Houston, TX) and the reemergence of the Black Lives Matter Movement, I felt compelled to read some books by Toni Morrison, a powerful author whose words strongly affected me as a teenager, and still do today:

“Love is or it ain’t. Thin love ain’t love at all.”

Toni Morrison from Beloved


This remarkable quote from the runaway slave Sethe, reminds me that our present crisis, as complicated as it is, can be simply resolved by loving others.  However, loving others has proven to be a most arduous challenge for humanity. All human beings are truly brothers and sisters. Geneticists have concluded that all humanity has descended from the same mother and all religions have taught us this transcendental truth.

All of us can learn so much from the numerous cultures of this planet, especially the tenacity and heroism of their mothers. As a mulit-racial woman, most of my strength and distinctiveness originates from the examples and spirit of the mothers my cultures, who suffered greatly but strove forward with love, caring for their families. Adjectives cannot convey the beauty and elegance of the women of all cultures.

We are reminded (let me be clearer, we are CALLED OUT) to listen, especially to the many amazing, heroic black women using social media as a platform to inspire us to support justice. Social media, specifically, Instagram, has led me to discover so many recent inspiring black women who have had a very important and positive impact on my life and on young women of all cultures. The women of today are the extensions of Rosa Parks, Ida B. Wells, Michelle Obama, Toni Morrison, and other courageous black women, and they are shaping others through their posts, IGTV (short videos on Instagram), artistry, podcasts, and blogs.


Photos attributed to @ferilustra


Black Female Influencers to Follow on Instagram



@keneilwe_mothoa – Keneilwe is an interior designer based in Johannesburg with simple, yet sophisticated tones and layers.





@shelleymokoena – Shelley is a creative minimalist who is based out of the trendy Maboneng neighborhood of Johannesburg.





@sylviemus– Sylvie was born in Rwanda and works as a model, stylist and fashion writer in Helsinki. Beauty just beams from her images.




@adrienneraquelI could spend such a long time looking though Adrienne’s feed.  She’s an art director based in NYC, and portrays such playfulness in her working projects.






@toimarie – Toi is a force of love, power, and reason. She teaches beyond digital business, and I’m constantly learning from her. She’s also the founder of @blackwomenarelove (that name alone speaks volumes of her passion!).





@jenniferborget – Jennifer is a momma, wife, and a digital creator based out of Austin, TX. She states clearly that optimism is her superpower, and boy is it infectious!




@feedthemalik – Anela goes beyond blogging about food in DC… she is giving us a story. Your mouth will water while browsing her feed!




@grillodesigns– Medina is an award winning DIY & Home Improvement Blogger, the author of Home Sweet Rented Home, and a proud black British Hijabi Muslim woman. She’s awe inspiring!





@ayshaharun– I know I said Instagram follower, but Aysha just had to make this list! Aysha is a beautiful Ethiopian-Canadian based in LA, and a YouTube vlogger. Must watch and see to learn more!





@theglossier – Tasha has amazing beauty recommendations and perfectly composed monochrome shots.  She is an art director based in Washington.





@alexis_adjei – Alexis is a woman of many hats: she was awarded Winning Food Entrepreneur, and by the food images, you’ll instantly see why. She is the founder of Pantry Project, which opens the eyes of contemporary foods inspired from all over the world.




@daraoke– Dara’s posts are aesthetically beautiful. She is a designer and product leader. She’s incredibly passionate about technology, art, and how they shape our human experience.





@darling_tee – Tania NYC style and charisma just takes my breath away. She’s also the cofounder of The Glow Up, which provides a resource and community for black influencers.





@candicenikeia – Candice’s young, yet powerful voice, has left a lasting impression on me. Her recent YouTube vlog had me in tears, and I left feeling inspired and renewed.





@onegrloneworld – Francesca created the blog One Girl One World (that right there speaks volume!). She inspires women to travel the world. I would love to be her travel partner one day!





@ettavee – As a music teacher, I am a firm believer in the power of the arts, and its lasting affects. Jessi’s creativity alludes colors that instantly uplifts the spirit. I could sit with her for hours in a french café!




@nnekaj – I conclude with the lovely Nneka! She is a powerful storyteller. Definitely listen to her storytelling podcast, Passing Through. She describes her podcast as “revelations and wisdom collected through travel, conversation, and self-education”… just wow! And her images are just breathtaking!



If you have other impactful black women influencers on Instagram that should be followed, please inspire, share, and connect either below in the comments or via email!


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