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Busy and hectic lives often leaves us feeling exhausted, overloaded, and overwhelmed. The only focus is taking care of our to-do lists, on top of the many other obligatory responsibilities such as relationships, children, and work. I, for one, certainly have months in the year where I know my exhaustion will hit a tipping point. Never once do I see the need to carve additional time during those hectic months for self-care, especially if it conflicts with my busy schedule.

I think it’s fair to state that ALL of us have experienced heightened stress, whether it’s manageable or not. It wasn’t until January of 2020 when I made the decision that self-care needs to be a priority in my life. But how can I integrate self-care into my already busy schedule?


When I bring up self-care, it’s important to define it. Rather than give you Webster’s definition, self-care (aka self-love) is a personal definition. We all have different interpretations of what makes us feel loved, relaxed, and grounded. For some, it’s waking up thirty minutes earlier in the day for journaling, some take an hour before bed to read… there are just SO many options that put us in the center of our busy lives.


Right before COVID-19 aggressively swept the world, I was in the middle of “perfecting” my self-care routine. I started with once a week (because daily would have been impossible for this full time teacher!) on Sundays.  It was simple. I did my my favorite things on Sunday: brunch, lattes, yoga, reading a book, bath, facial scrubs, and face masks.


After doing this for a few weeks, I started to look forward to Sunday’s pampering day. There were times when I had appointments and work on Sundays, but I made it a priority to do most of my favorite things!


Then COVID-19 hit, interrupting our busy schedules, and like many, offered more time for self-care + self-love, and that’s EXACTLY what I did!


  • Sunday was changed to spa-day where I used my favorite face scrubs, serums, and masks.
  • Every morning, I woke up earlier to journal with a glass of green juice.
  • Took a 1 hour break from social media and filled it doing other things (mostly, playing the piano or building site-reading skills)


The are just so many options on what self-care fits best for your schedule and gives you a time-out from your hectic lives:

  • morning journaling
  • workout to your favorite tunes
  • go for a run at your favorite outside area
  • read a book for 30 minutes with the latest
  • do a 15 minute full body stretch
  • eat lunch outside
  • light a candle and take deep breaths
  • write down a list of what makes you happy
  • drink a glass of your favorite drink
  • put some fresh flowers in a vase by your bed
  • take photos outside
  • partake in artistry (painting, drawing, writing, singing, playing an instrument, etc.)


Often people neglect to include skin-care as a form of self-care. We’re so particular of what goes in our bodies that we’re forgetting about what’s applied on our faces. This is what sparked the original self-care Sundays.


For me, I personally LOVE True Botanicals for my skin routine. It actually feels as though I’m at the spa everyday, not just on Sundays. Finding True Botanicals in my thirties completely changed my skin from the inside out. I no longer need to cake on make up, I’m confident going without makeup, and I love how it smells. And for bath and shower times, I use the body wash to complete my evenings… what an oasis!


Health is wealth, and taking time for self-care is totally achievable and deserved. If you’re interested in adding True Botanicals to your skin-routine, use these discounts. I’m all about saving money for my friends!

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Before you leave, start planning and carving time for your self-care and self-love. This guide not only helps scheduling, but I bet you want some juicy ideas of what to do. There are so many options! So get ya some!

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