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Romanticize Standing Up For Yourself And Your Values

Romanticize Standing Up For Yourself And Your Values | Really Personal Podcast

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When you demonstrate that you believe in your own value, you will also encourage others to respect and see it as well.


In the maze of dating and relationships, it’s easy to lose sight of one’s core values. But what if we told you there’s a way to romanticize standing up for yourself and your values? To be a man who’s not just nice, but good – a man of purpose who knows exactly what he stands for. It’s about understanding the purpose of dating, and more importantly, understanding what you value.

If we believe we’re worthy, we’re going to act like it. And if we don’t, then we’re not going to act like that, which causes us to spiral. So instead of jumping on the toxic positivity train, can we actually engage in these heavy things:

  • What effect has not believing in yourself had on you?
  • How does that hurt?
  • Where do you carry that weight?
  • What feelings come up?
  • Can we name them?
  • Can we lean into them?
  • Can we cry if we need to cry?

Eventually, we want to see, “Wow, where did I learn that.” We want to distance ourselves from negative beliefs. We want to find ourselves in a place where we can believe what’s good about us, and that we are worthy.

But this is key- we have to actually engage the difficulty that comes with believing you’re not valuable. THAT’S the beginning of the healing, where romantic standing up for yourself and your values come to fruition. 

Join us as we delve into this powerful conversation, exploring the importance of dating with purpose, knowing and embracing your values, and how to stand up for yourself romantically. It’s time to be a hero in your own love story. Tune into the latest episode on the Really Personal Podcast now!

Romanticize Standing Up For Yourself And Your Values | Really Personal Podcast

How To Show Up For Yourself

#1: You have to stand for what you believe in and sometimes you have to stand alone.

#2: Sometimes standing up for yourself can be as simple as walking away from a situation that does not support or honor your self-worth.

#3: Exercise discipline and integrity around our values in order to build self-trust.

#4: When you change your mindset, you are literally and figuratively standing up for yourself.

#5: You’re building muscles by looking inside and asking for what you need.

Let’s be real, YOU will be changed on some level by someone. That’s the nature of things- you meet someone and you’re in some way changed by them. It’s actually one of the best parts of a relationship- you can bookmark your life by the moments someone came into your life and changed.

You don’t trust that someone is never going to betray you. Rather you trust that you’ll be able to handle it by walking away. By upholding your value to walk away. Often values are discovered in relationships.

When you demonstrate that you believe in your own value, you will also encourage others to respect and see it as well.


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