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Thinking Doesn’t Get Us Out of Thinking. It’s Doing.

hinking Doesn’t Get Us Out of Thinking. It’s Doing. | Really Personal Podcast

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It’s one thing to dream and have aspirations, to plan in imagination. But there’s a whole other level when you turn those intentions, dreams, and aspirations into actual steps forward.


Overthinking is like a rocking chair, lots of movement but no progress! ✈️Travel beyond your comfort zone, take risks, and shift your direction, It all starts with a single step!

Embracing the journey and leaning into the unknown, that’s where we find growth. Direction is forged from stepping forward, not from overthinking. It takes courage to confront our fears, take risks, and venture beyond comfort. Remember, you can’t steer a parked car. Progress comes from action, not contemplation. It’s time to shift your mindset and replace thinking with doing.

Ever feel the urge to travel, take risks, and head in a new direction for progress, but overthinking and fears stifle your desire to take action? In our deeply reflective, highly engaging world, mindset plays a vital role in breaking these chains and stepping into the unknown. Laura and I unravel this complex dance between thought and action in our next deep-dive discussion. Tune into the latest episode on the Really Personal Podcast, and let’s explore the power of ‘doing’ over ‘thinking’.

About the Really Personal Podcast Guest

tldlogo.pngHere’s The Lo Down: Your dog-obsessed, pun-loving foodie pal.

Laura is an extraordinary woman who epitomizes the tenacity of DOING. Her love for culture, food, traditions, and hard work is evident through her work in the culinary scenes in Dublin. Upon landing in Dublin, she was the first encounter of the food, music, and culture scene in Dublin, and her wealth of knowledge elevated my Irish experience. Book your next unconventional food tour where Laura brought food to people, and now brings people to food!

Follow Laura on Instagram to check out tours and get a taste of all the food Dublin and Florence have to bring! Happy Travels!


Thinking Doesn’t Get Us Out of Thinking. It’s Doing. | Really Personal Podcast

Talking Big Versus Taking Decisive Action

#1: Intentions versus Actions

Intentions are like fireworks- they light up the sky for a moment. Actions are like meteor showers- showering you with progress

#2: If you have that project, that idea, you thought about it, you talked about it, now what? Now you DO.

Taking action is not about waiting for the perfect time or having all the answers. It’s about starting where you are. Every step you take, no matter how small, builds momentum.

#3: When you commit, you challenge yourself, you push through barriers that you built in your mind.

For sure it’s not easy, but let me tell you- it’s WORTH it. Imagine looking back, and seeing all those moments that you decided to act- that’s your journey, your growth. But here’s the rub, it’s not about perfection, it’s about direction, it’s about progress.

#4: Thinking versus Doing.

You don’t want to be thinking in the middle of doing something, and you don’t want to be doing something in the middle of trying to think.

Let’s think about riding a bicycle: at first, you’re thinking about balance, pedaling, steering, all of these elements happening at once. And you’re clumsy. You’re consciously thinking about each one separately. When someone rides a bicycle like that they are not winning any races. However, as you do it more and more, you no longer have to pay conscious attention to it. Instead of being many different things, your brain chunks them all together into one thing- riding a bicycle. The highest performers practice the basics over and over and over again so it becomes a part of their subconscious pathways. When it’s game time, they don’t think anymore, they just go.

#5: Personal Mastery

That’s why when it comes to personal mastery, you want to be engaged in a daily practice of directing your focus on specific areas of your life in specific ways. It programs you to operate in a mindset geared for mastery over your personal growth and development. If you do this enough, eventually you internalize it. Remember the point is the process- who you become in the journey. That person gets to live the life of their dreams.

#6: Ready to shift from “I will” to “I am”?

Those steps you take shape your story. Don’t let your dreams, aspirations, and desires stay in the land of intentions. Turn them into footsteps on the path of action.


Go out there and make it happen. Your dreams are waiting for you!


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