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Spring reading is meant to feel good, learn more, re-examine life, and most of all, embark on adventures as the seasons change. I for one cannot help but love compelling stories with complex characters who undergo major life changes. Perhaps because my life stage is not on display, walking in a character’s shoe for a brief moment is a necessary literary escape.

As for learning, let’s grapple with life’s obstacles, and boldly face ’em like never before. In The Company of Women and The Opposite of Loneliness are so captivating. When aspiring to be a strong person, I very much like to look at the hard-working, and inspirational goddess who has much to say and show.

Explore this season’s books with some goodies, and of course, a nice coffee brew! Cheers!











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Death is Not the End: We Live Eternally

Death is not an end, but one phase of our life’s journey, another stop along the train line. We confuse the death of the body to the death of us. Our human physical body is not who we are. It is something that we wear, like a costume. Our true self is a spiritual soul that is eternally young.

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Supporting Black-Owned Businesses Now and Always

[dropcap][/dropcap]Black Lives Matter. In the wake of such sadness, division, and upheaval, I am completely devastated by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, Dreasjon Reed, and so many others. I stand in solidarity with the Black community, and hope that this post serves as a helpful and important resource to further […]


The Woes and Joys of Online Dating

Have we become the generation to swipe towards true love? If you were to ask me 10 years ago how I would find true love, it would not be through robotic matching algorithms. However, this is the real world we live in, and currently a bizarre one.   Dating before quarantine had its ups and […]


Class Dismissed: Teaching Fears During COVID-19

As COVID-19 swept the world with its ferocity, little did we know that our lives would forever change. We teachers naturally adapt to new situations because we always revise, modify, and often, roll with the punches. Each school year comes with its abundance of work and challenges, but we teachers are always prepared to lead, […]


A Wholesome Life

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces- just good food from fresh ingredients. –Julia Child     My relationship with food is a complicated one. From my early years of eating both fresh and canned greens to dabbling in the conveniences of frozen meals and fast food joints, to highly processed foods, the […]


10 Ways to Simply Save More Money

The topic of money is never an easy one to dissect without feeling overwhelmed and stressed about upcoming bills and future security. Our life is a continual struggle of working hard to earn money and invest it. When I became an entrepreneur and a small business owner, the joys and anxiety of managing funds, keeping […]


Online Dating Saga: Get Your Dukes Up!

A few girls are gathered around a table during a happy hour (or a Zoom call during Covid!) sharing the juice on their online dating sagas. Every inch of their stories is compelling, often disturbing, and most of all, beyond ridiculous. You either walk away relieved that you did not share the same experiences, or, […]


The Healing Power of Self-Love

  We all want to live a life filled with love, joy, and meaning. Research shows that our happiness depends on genetics, state of mind, and life circumstances. The majority of us believe that our happiness is dependent on life circumstances; however, to my surprise, research declares that life circumstances account for only approximately 10% […]


Break Free From Dating Myths

Paradoxical dating advice has evolved from generation to generation, often complicating the pursuit of love. The constant need to play the game skillfully convinces us that with each strategic chess move, we may achieve the ultimate prize– a relationship. However, is it necessary to be confined to playing such dating games? Can the cards stack […]


Let’s Cut the Crap of “It’s Not You, It’s Me”

  Breakups are always very difficult, especially when its sudden eruption shakes you at your very core. Emotions of frustration, confusion, and sadness converge together, enveloped to feel the ultimate feeling of disappointment. All too many people can relate to feeling disappointed in others. Why do others have the upper hand to create such deep […]


Life-Audit: Change is Coming!

  Change, whether big or small, is unnerving. Often, the thought of doing something completely off the beaten path is frightening because we fear it will generate disorder, confusion, and instability, like an erupting volcano that scatters debris everywhere, but, as we have all heard at one time or another: fear is temporary, regret is […]


Oh, There You Are! I’ve Been Looking For You

You’ll find love when you’re not looking for it is the cliche that fundamentally frustrates us because we cannot help but look for love. If we were not looking for it, we would not want it, but when we look for it, we cannot find it. It is a paradox.   It is a safe […]


If not now, when?: Nourish to Flourish

I always thought that I made Nourish to Flourish Planner myself a priority, but what I actually made a priority was my weaknesses. We human beings have a weak, selfish nature that spurs us to give up, take it easy, follow the path of least resistance, and satisfy our desires for pleasure. However, giving into […]


I Just Have 3 Things to Say: Up Your Standards!

Powerful things start to happen when we uphold our standards and let go of ourselves when expectations are not met. Let’s up our standards!


Spring 2021 Reads

Spring reading is meant to feel good, learn more, re-examine life, and most of all, embark on adventures as the seasons change. I for one cannot help but love compelling stories with complex characters who undergo major life changes. Perhaps because my life stage is not on display, walking in a character’s shoe for a […]


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